Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hello Spring!

The first buds of Spring are appearing all around us!

Say goodbye to Winter and enjoy the mountains of NE Georgia.
February snows are long gone!

Our closest vineyard, 12 Spies is open for business March 8, 2014 11am-5pm.

Be sure to enjoy the Saint Patrick's celebration at Tiger Mountain Vineyards March 15, 2014 1pm-3pm. They have a fun afternoon of tasting of ten award winning wines, sliders on the grill, Irish cheeses and Celtic fiddling by Marie Dunkle...all for $15.00 per person.

Hello Spring!

Other future thoughts...  

Book now for future dates and save
The York House Inn is pleased to offer advanced booking rates, so it is never too early to plan your trip to enjoy the mountains. Visit our website for your dates...and for those REALLY planning ahead, we are eagerly awaiting more details of the Nik Wallenda Tallulah Falls tight wire walk! This daring event is tentatively scheduled for July 18, 2015 to commemorate his fathers walk on that date in 1970!
Tallulah Falls

1970 Great Wallenda Walk poster

July 18, 1970 ticket