Monday, March 10, 2014

Visit to Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center

What a beautiful day in North Georgia!

Taking a few minutes away from the York House Inn, we visited the Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center close to the Inn.
Christine Penton and McKenzie Penton at front of Wagon Shed

We were proud to visit the " Wagon Shed", which originally stood at the York House Inn. In early postcards, the shed can be seen close to the western side of the Inn.

This building served as "staff housing". Mrs. Ida Gibson lived in the cabin for 28 or the 37 years she worked at the York House Inn. The single room measured 16 x 18 feet and was divided in the middle by a partition. Mrs. Gibson recalled that her side of the cabin was just large enough for a bed, a dresser, and a small cookstove.

Today the structure is home to the Zuraw Wagon and the Judd Nelson Wagon, part of the Foxfire collection. The Zuraw Wagon is the only documented wagon known to have traveled to Oklahoma in the Trail of Tears, the forced relocation of the Cherokee Indians from this region.

It is a beautiful day in the mountains!