Friday, August 22, 2014

It isn't often that a Inn or Hotel has returning guests over a 80 year period!

We were happy to welcome Gloria Dash and here family back to the York House Inn, and spend a pleasant evening in our Rock Room talking about what makes the York House special.

Tallulah Falls Railroad goes thru Rabun Gap

"Little Mama" York
York House traditions such as the family and extended family that have made our fond memories...two shared bathrooms, the ringing of the dinner bell, "Little Mama" York, Miss Fanny, her daughter Bea, Big Ida, Little Ida and four year old well as the traditional honking of car horns in the parking lot as a send off to travelers who often spent weeks at the Inn.

"Miss Fanny" and Bea Broadrick

A real living history moment, which we hope to share with future guests to our storied Inn. 
"Big Ida" and Patsy 

Enjoy, pictures (circa 1941) of "Little Mama" York, "Little Mama" in front of helps cabin( Now at Foxfire), Miss Fanny and Bea, "Little Ida's" daughter Patsy and Big Ida, Nell Ozburn and Patsy.
Nell Ozburn and Patsy