Sunday, August 31, 2014

The York House Spring

I read an interesting article in 100) regarding the efforts of Sapphire Valley Historical Society efforts to uncover the old spring area on the grounds of what was the Fairfield Inn.

The Fairfield Inn is located about 35 miles in Cashiers, N.C. Another resort/Southern railroad era Inn like the York House it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Unfortunately it was torn down in the late 1980's after a fire and due to its structural condition.

At any rate during the efforts to uncover the spring area for people to enjoy, the historical society discovered an Indian stone basin that they concluded must be over 200 years old.

As far as told the York House spring was here when the house was build in the mid 1840's. The distinct bowl cut into the solid granite looks identical to the one shown in the above referenced article. It is also interesting that the grooves cut for water to flow in and out of the bowl point true north!

If anyone has information about the York House Inn spring and spring house it would be interesting to know if this bowl is indeed such an Indian basin...just one more thing to ponder about the history of the area and the York House.

York House Basin...triangle area used to have a ladle for the spring water which still flows