Saturday, May 16, 2015

Where.. oh.. where did our granite come from

Many guests ask us about the granite used around the Inn. Especially prominent are our front steps and garden walls, and not to be missed are our chimneys and Roc Room.

Well the answer lies at the old Fisher property across highway 441 about 1/4 mile from the York House!

The Fisher family once owned what was know as the "White House" that now stands on the hillside. It was purchased along with the entire "plantation" in 1851 by Hiram Gibson who's granddaughter was Mollie York.

Fisher House

The stone that figures prominently in both structures was quarried from the hillside on the Fisher property. The Fisher house is from the mid 1820's and the York House was originally constructed in the mid 1840's.

York House Inn Roc Room

Here is a picture of the quarry area as it now appears. It is accessed up a long abandoned road from the Fisher property. It must have taken quite a team of Oxen to move the huge and HEAVY stones the mile or so to be used at the York House.