Sunday, August 2, 2015

Re Deliverance to York House

York House kitchen with Ned Beaty, Deliverance 1972
Note the cabinet at right 

I was so happy today to find yet another project in history!

As our neighbors moved out next door ( house originally built by Bea York Weatherly Broadrick, low and behold...

We found an original part of the Inns history gathering dust in the unfinished basement where it was moved at the time Bea sold the York House and moved next door to retire. She had many original pieces of the Inn at the home and this one just never left.

We will be restoring the piece and placing it back in the kitchen it was filmed in for the movie Deliverance. Nothing that a bit of elbow grease and a glass replacement can't fix!
It has written in pencil on back, George Weatherly Mountain City GA. Fannie York Weatherly and her husband George operated the Inn from 1917-1974.