Wednesday, March 30, 2016

York House Inn recycles but it didn't always

We are proud to recycle many of the items / containers we use at York House Inn.

But in the day these items were simply trotted out to the nearby woods and thrown away.

That is why we have started an outstanding collection of items, especially glass, that we have
found in the old York House dumping grounds.

Some are broken, and many of the items date from at least the 1920's and so far include bottles of all types, canning jars and lids, pottery and old Inn china patterns and glasses, old toilets, bed springs( all that is left of mattresses, wire hangers as well as boots and shoes.

We have collected a time capsule of sorts of earlier days. We are especially pleased with lots of whisky and aspirin bottles.

Some like a plastic business card/ calendar seemingly have a long life (62 years on this one).

Help those that follow by leaving a place cleaner that you found it!   As we find it we have been filling trash cans and recycling it.