Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Where oh Where Can you find York House Inn ?

We used to receive bookings the old fashioned way by direct correspondence. In the day, guests reserved rooms for the season by mailing a letter ! You can still approach it that way, or....

Today, in the rapid response era, we are available and visible so many ways:

  • Call us at 706-746-2068
  • Visit our website at
  • Pick up a rack card and use the QR code to direct access to our website on you cell phone
  • Search for us at TripAdvisor, Travelocity, Expedia, We would rather you call as commissions we pay are huge, help us help you by keeping our rates low.
  • We are available at,,, and more
  • Need to book a whole house for a  Group, Meeting, Wedding? Call us first! For convenience sake we are accessible through, VRBO, com,,, or
  • Are you in Europe or somewhere else around the world?  Some are used to booking in a different manner. You can still book using the above methods, or see us on,, or
No matter how you find us, the York House Inn has been "Defining the Destination" since 1896 and technologically we shoot for our 240th anniversary in 2116. We would love to serve you!